January 16, 2012

(20)12 New Things

1. My birthday officially lasted from January 8-13, according to my friends' and family's Happy Birthday wishes. This means everyone "basically remembers" when my birthday is, but not the actual day. I will leave it as a mystery. This makes the magic last longer, and likens my date of birth to a week-long festival.

2. This also means I'm now 26, AKA 30-4. I have finally crossed the last threshold since the youth passes in Europe last through 25. Goodbye fair number, but obviously thanks for letting me keep my looks. (And trick-or-treating.)

3. New Year's Resolution: READ MORE. As in mostly, read at all, so I've decided to re-read some of my favorite real books, and newly read some books I've been "going to read" since college.

4. Currently re-reading Royal Road to Romance. There is no love story, unless you are ready to fall in love with traveling! It's the perfect read for the avid vagabond, but also perfect for the non-traveler - the author takes you with him on his whims and you'll feel like a world traveler by the 5th chapter.

5. Finally made it to an antique flea market in the southern area of Paris. I didn't buy anything, but I didn't need to; my first time there is best understood as a museum experience. My goal is to find a beautiful antique music box there.

6. Our great American friend here, Jessamy, made us the most unique and fabulous tasting lasagna the other night. It had carrots and onions in it and we still loved it - that's how good it was.

7. IT'S SALE TIME!!! This month and part of the next are the wild European clearance sales at every store. If you "need" anything Parisian, tell us NOW. We are on the docket to get chic riding boots for Marc's sister at the moment.

8. My beautiful adventurous soul sisters, Kia and Tanya, have both booked their plane tickets for Paris! I am SO excited about their trips, and no one else is allowed to pack into our one room studio from mid-March to mid-April. First come, first serve!

9. We found Marc a very fashionable pea coat that he now wears proudly everyday. It matches our onslaught of 15-20+ scarves, so he never leaves home without looking sharp.

10. I have dreams about buying a Vespa scooter. Dreams, visions, and hallucinations, that is. I'd be the colorful, happy, non-abused version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo... The Girl with the Side Ponytail.

11. Marc's basketball team keeps winning. They are actually not allowed to lose. No pressure.

12. We won our match today in 3, keeping us in 3rd place in league. The team I coach also won in 5; the last set 15-0. Our outside hitter just served our way to victory. Can't we do that in the first 3 sets instead?

If 2012 is half as great as 2011, we are golden!