April 15, 2011

HEYO! Mission Accomplished

Time flies when you're having fun - and winning games.

We went undefeated!

I have returned to the States for the summer now, but will be updating the blog throughout these few months now for my European friends as I travel to Hawaii, Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana!

I am so proud of our team, and so grateful for our entire club family: coaches, administration, supporters, and sponsors. You have welcomed me with open arms and together we created a spring season we will always remember!

Most time right now is spent packing and being with great friends. Last night the students threw me a welcome back party, and the rest of this week we are pawning off as much "stuff" as we can. It's amazing how much we have and don't need....

I'll have a more conclusion-like blog in the following weeks.* Until then - au revoir!

*Author's Note: the recap blog appears here - four years later.