April 5, 2011

TV Spot #2

Nothing in English this time, so enjoy this very fine French documentary.

(The link expired! Sorry!)

VCOF vs. Aubel on April 2, 2011. VCOF won 25-12, 25-23, 25-10.

The first man interviewed is my coach, the second is my manager.

Remind me to tell you a story about the people you see at 12:29 on the video clip. They are really rad people, but if you want the back story, it's more of a doesn't-belong-in-the-blog type and much better in person.

And as a note toward the next posting, today on my tour in Amsterdam, a fellow American tourist was so stunned to amazement by my comment, "Cool people always act like old friends," that he literally pulled out his notebook and wrote it down right then and there.

This quote is a verified fact. Just come to NBC Camps for proof.

(Jes & Kia - I think subconsciously those words were the expression of the friendship I have with each of YOU, and now consciously recognized because I have never spent more than 6 consecutive days with either of you and count you both as best friends. Thanks for your greatness, Skype is epic because of you.)