February 13, 2018

German Swag 101: Wandering Northern Bavaria

One of the best things about living in one place for more than one year is the chance to really experience what the whole area has to offer. We have barely scratched the surface of huge Bavaria after two and a half years here, but we are enjoying pacing our discoveries and explorations.

It has also helped that we have the goal of remaining in Europe permanently...so, no rush, right?

In December, we accidentally discovered a fabulous boutique hotel on Booking.com outside of Bamberg. We checked our calendar for our next free weekend, and immediately booked it again for February.

What's so great about this hotel? Think hunting lodge meets IKEA. Then add heated floors, a fridge stocked full of drinks and snacks, and an included breakfast in the owners' dining room. It's so cool, we do not deserve to stay there.

(It's definitely too cool to take pictures of; all of these photos are from the surrounding areas and NOT of the hotel.)

For wanderings this round, we had lunch at a Schloss and we also happened upon some snow-covered hills. One was topped by a small cathedral and the other was crowned by a castle of sorts. Marc braved the winter driving and the summits were reached! These places were both ten minutes from the hotel location.

The hotel is called Boutique Hotel Chalet Weinberg, and you can find it by searching on Booking.com, where lately I've been finding much better prices and situations than even on AirBnB.

I've got a few adventures planned for the next couple of months (you can see in my sidebar: France & Hungary). My next Germany trip will be in early April when I go to Dresden for a few days after my last match of the season in Chemnitz.

Will we be seeing each other somewhere soon?!