November 12, 2017

German Swag 101: Bamberg

For starters, four-ish hours in Bamberg is not nearly enough time. It's a great city, spread out from its center onto different hills, all with large cathedrals. We, of course, did not tackle all the hills and were satisfied with our first impression of Bamberg. The main old center area is full of wonderful corners, adorable cafes, and cute boutiques.

I can't wait to have another shot at Bamberg in the future!


One of my blogger friends, Katrina from Thrify Gypsy Travels, summed Bamberg up the best by saying, "Bamberg is like the pretty girl in high school whom no one really gets to know then but is intrigued by her when they see her on social media after college. It has so much charm, but so many have never heard of it!"

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