April 28, 2017

German Swag 101: Vils-BBQ

We have realized something lately - or rather, finally.

We have had access to unusually large and private backyard garden spaces at all four of our European homes, and we have never really taken advantage of it!

Now that we feel really settled into our Vilsbiburg world, we have discovered that we have the ability to host barbecues in our backyard!

It's a "Bring Your Own Meat" potluck setup, and all idea credit is due to our Swedarican (Swedish-Costa Rican, of course), Diana!

What we didn't anticipate was how awesome it would be to introduce our international friends to the very American campfire tradition of s'mores.

Granted, it has been an adventure finding marshmallows (in the USA, it's got an entire section of shelves to choose from; in Germany, marshmallows are hiding and it's up to you to find them!), and we found some graham cracker-like cookies that have a chocolate coating.

We are excited for what the summer in Germany holds, mostly because we know there will be plenty of BBQs!!! Sounds like a good reason to throw a 4th of July party abroad, right?!