February 1, 2017

Live Well: February

Welcome to this installment of the Live Well series provided by my very own sister, Lindsay Wampler. I may be a traveling expat athlete, but I really haven't explored the health and fitness aspects of that world on this website - which is where Lindsay comes in. 

Lindsay is a 28-year-old occupational therapy grad student in Southern California and health and fitness coach. Her family consists of her wonderful husband, Justin, two dogs, and a cat. They both strive to live well through healthy eating and exercising, and I am very thankful that Lindsay is happy to share her expertise with us each month! 

Be sure to check back the first of each month to see what Lindsay's Live Well advice is, and please feel free to share her wisdom with your family and friends!


For some, February still feels like the middle of winter, but here in Southern California, February is already feeling like spring! Not sure if I'm happy or sad about that! What I do know is I adore February! 'Tis the season to love! My challenge for you this February is to do 1 act of daily self-love for...yourself! Feel free to add some ideas in the comment section of what you can do each day!

Beverage Boost

After you've tasted this juice, it will be the only juice you ever want to drink again!

Happy Juice
Serves 2

1/4 pineapple, skin mostly cut off
2 pears, washed and stems removed
2 peaches, washed and pits removed

Using a juicer, feed fruit through. If fruit was not refrigerated prior to juicing, either add ice cubes to juice or place juice in refrigerator to chill.

Workout of the Month

Healthy Eating Recipe

Makes 12

1/2 c. cacao powder
1/4 c. coconut oil
1/4 c. pure maple syrup
1/4 c. organic all natural peanut butter
12 mini cupcake wrappers

Combine cacao powder, coconut oil, and maple syrup until smooth consistency. Place a spoonful of mixture into cupcake wrappers. Add a small spoonful of peanut butter on top of the first layer; spread evenly. Top with a final spoonful of the chocolate mixture on top; spread evenly. Place in freezer and serve once hardened and chilled (about 1 hour). Store in freezer.


Recipe adapted from Jamie Webber

Essential Oils Mixology

Enjoy this soothing aromatic blend all throughout February!

Floral Comfort
5 drops Lavender essential oil
3 drops Geranium essential oil

Fill home diffuser with distilled water. Add essential oils. Voila!

About the Author

My name is Lindsay and I once was a Swagerty, too, but I now am a Wampler. I am a Christ-lover and am disciplined to live the life of my dreams! I suck at traveling because I am scared to fly, but I love to explore the cities around me and build a home I love to spend time in. I am a wife, mother of fur babies, occupational therapy graduate student, online health and fitness coach, and a sharer of my love for essential oils! I am also a lover of all things Disney!

You can find me on Facebookmy group page, and Instagram or reach me directly through my email at lindsayannwampler[at]gmail[dot]com. I would love to hear from you!

Let us know if you try any variations of these delicious recipes, challenging workouts, or essential oils mixes in the comments below!!!