December 2, 2016

What's Up with Not Blogging?

Yes, that's right.

I didn't write a single blog post the entire month of November.

And this post doesn't really count for one in December.

I'm just not that into blogging right now.

What happened?

Life? Routine? Settled into a new schedule?

I don't think it's a bad thing in my case to not have any time or motivation to churn out blog posts or troll link-ups and social media. Because, in my case, it means I'm not stuck in front of a laptop and it does mean I'm out there in the world, doing stuff.

I'm just here. With people. Out and about. Doing this and that.

It's awesome.

I have typically equated my "doing stuff" with reasons to write on the blog. Now I'm just doing stuff and enjoying it. Maybe there are photos, maybe there aren't. Maybe I remember where I ate that delicious lunch, and maybe I don't. It's not so important right now. What is important to me right now is keeping my stride in the things I am busy doing.

Volleyball in Dingo-land. We are 6-1 in 2nd place and I am having a great time. My shoulder has not felt this good in years and I'm finally feeling normal about serving again.

Coaching in Dingo-land and Vilsbiburg. It's a lot of little kids, but there is joy in their hearts, and I haven't seen so many passing and setting reps in my life.

Languaging. I take German on Tuesdays, Spanish on Wednesdays, and teach English on Thursdays. There is a whole lot more German sprinkled throughout my week with the coaching, and I am always amazed at how easy German is to remember and understand. And I still think and talk to myself in French to just hang onto that dream.

Baking. Good Lord, I am literally baking cookies, brownies, or muffins on a ten-day rotation this year. Somehow I haven't gained any weight, but maybe my friends feel differently. And speaking of those friends...

Friending. When I'm not playing or coaching my own volleyball games, I'm going to the games of my 2nd division team from last year, the 1st division volleyball games, the two basketball teams Marc's coaching, or the basketball team Marc coached last year.

And now it's already the Christmas market season, and I've been to two or three or four markets so far. I've got plans to go to another three or four as well. I don't have plans to write about it - sorry!

The most interesting thing to me about not blogging last month was that I actually did not miss it at all. Not once. I didn't miss Twitter, I didn't miss checking stats or comments. I definitely did not miss link-ups. I did miss having contact with some of my blogger friends, but that's just an email fix away.

There is one spot of brightness in all of this, and that is I am still very much alive and well on my Instagram. It's basically the only thing I'm regularly updating, as even my email inbox has been sorely neglected since September.

So, if you want to find me, I won't really be online. You can check my Instagram, but it will mostly be about volleyball. The novelty of living in Europe has not worn off at all, rather, I am learning to express it in different ways, and especially in the present and away from the internet.

Have a wonderful holiday season. I'll be at the German Christmas markets for a few weeks, then heading down to Spain for another sunny Christmas vacation!