September 13, 2016

Visit Gouda Cheese Market

If you're in Holland, and you like cheese, then Gouda is the perfect day trip from anywhere in the Netherlands!

The famous Gouda cheese market itself only happens on Thursdays during the summer months between the second week of April and the end of August. Last year, I lazed away on my free Thursday, thinking I could hop on over to Gouda any day of the week for a grand cheese experience - and then I was too late.

The market runs from 10:00am - 12:30pm, but I really recommend arriving early to get a good viewpoint - especially if it's pouring rain like it was the day my friend and I were able to go,

It is fun to watch the cheese people in action, but the best part of the market is the stalls selling cheese to normal people like us all around the main square. And by "selling" cheese, I also mean that they give out free samples of every kind of Gouda cheese ever.

We tried Goudas flavored with pesto, cumin, garlic, tomato, and walnut. Every taste was interesting and new, and we did a full round of taste-testing before settling on our purchases.

We decided to go with wedges of Gouda cumin and pesto because they were the craziest flavors of the day! My friend also got one of the colored rounds of regular Gouda and I added a few bites of other cheeses to the mix. We had a lot of great picnics that week!

Gouda doesn't need too much of your time, but it makes for a wonderful morning and early afternoon outing. The cheese market is one of the most unique experiences I have been a part of, and it's definitely worth going to if you like cheese! 

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