January 23, 2015

Ronda: A Soft Sunset

Ronda was always Rick Steves' idea.

I'm really glad we had the time and opportunity to go, but those sheer drops around the city were a bit too intense for me!

I love looking at the pictures we took, and I love that we went. However, the "white hill towns" of Southern Spain are better suited for lovers of heights.

After our full morning and early afternoon in Córdoba, we took the long way back to Málaga through Ronda. The drive was actually really nice. I was pleasantly surprised that the drive to Ronda was just rolling hills. I had envisioned the no-guardrails-on-cliffs-terrors of driving to Alturas or Hayfork in Northern California. So don't worry; the cliffs are only in the city itself.

We somehow timed our arrival perfectly with the golden sunset over the small mountain range to the west. The city was still warm from a long day of sunshine, and bustling tourists on this New Year's Day were all snapping away as many photos as they [we] could get.

Despite the obvious tourist presence, Ronda does hold onto its Andalusian charm in the authentic way that Rick Steves is always talking about.

Ronda could easily entertain a traveler for 3 days and 2 nights.

A day of hiking the trails in the gorge, a day for a bullfight in the village ring, and a day for shopping and exploring the city.

Sunrises and sunsets would provide excellent views and photographs.

It also makes a great day trip from Málaga or Seville.

And if you're not a vertigo wimp like me, you'll love spending some quality time in Ronda (Marc did fine, and took most of the "scary" pictures!).

It was a Happy 2015 Day for us during our bonus 3 days in Spain!