August 7, 2013

The Best Version is the Bride's!

You want to know how my happy sister's wedding went down?

The Bride's perspective is truly the only one that matters, so go enjoy her blog post!


(This was also the wedding hashtag, and you can see more photos on Instagram this way!)

It was definitely a grand and wonderful finale to our summer!

But I do have to say that the highlight for me of the entire journey had to be after Lindsay and Justin scurried through their tunnel of sparklers. The evening had risen to its crescendo perfectly. Then just when I thought the moments were going to die down into restless clean-up, my precious little just-married sister came running back from the car to find me and say goodbye.

Thank you, Lindsay, for that perfect moment.

(Aren't we both so glad my still-burning sparklers didn't set your hair on fire?)

Congratulations to Lindsay and Justin, we love you both, and thank you for including us in your special day.