September 25, 2011

Off To Work We Go

My name is Christy Swagerty, and my project at work today was to win a volleyball match with my colleagues.

It didn't look promising when we started the workday. The other team rattled off 4 or 5 straight aces all at once. We got the ball back, but we played a few points behind the whole time and dropped the first set. Our boss was disappointed, but encouraged us to get back out there and fight back. (I want to believe he did say something to that effect, and although I am not always sure of the dialogue, I definitely always leave the huddle pumped up and ready to go.)

The second set went back and forth each play, but we were able to secure the win in the last plays 25-22. The third set gave us the edge and we were able to battle and win 25-23.

Up 2 sets to 1, our team could feel the success of a job almost well done, and we pushed our way through to victory with a fourth set win of 25-19. Looks like nobody's getting pink slipped.

I know you are used to hearing about winning on my blog (Allez Farciennois 2011!), and I do hope this year proves no different. But my new team, La Rochette, did the same thing my team in Belgium did last year: won the division and jumped levels. Because it is our first season in Nationale 3 with this team, we are expected to win half of our matches. Each day (three times a week) we work toward making an above .500 season possible.

If there were such a thing as "Take Your Blog Reader To Work Day," it would go something like this:

Don't mess with me, I play middle blocker one rotation and you just ate that overpass for breakfast.

This is an About-To-Get-Aced-By-An-American-Face.

Technically referred to as "Creative Progress."

Sometimes, work is stressful, but you still have to get it done.

We have an entire language to transfer information.

Really important staff meeting.
"Find a job you love, and you'll never work 
another day for the rest of your life."

Thanks for coming to work with me! I hope you learned something about opportunities, enthusiasm, and cooperation.