March 10, 2011

La Joie de Vivre en Belgique

Over the past two days, I have...

1) Boiled eggs and potatoes for the first time.

2) Asked bus drivers for directions in French - twice. The first time, the driver dropped me off about 10 minutes from the real stop I needed. The second time, our efforts were not in vain.

3) Officially stopped driving. While a good learning experience, I had to weigh if it was really good to learn how to experience risking death by driving.

4) Mopped with a broom.

5) Found the local post office, and it's actually inside a quasi-7/11. Just no Slurpees while you wait.

I had to pick-up a package (thank you, Jenny Hopkins) and send some postcards, so the lady needed my ID card. She gasped and pointed to the "CALIFORNIA" on my license, and said, "Ah! Californie! SUN!" and proceeded immediately into the back of the store to tell the other 2 employees, who then came out and were asking me all sorts of questions in Franglish. "Sun" and the French equivalent "soleil" (say "so-lay") were the recurring words. After stumbling through several "Je ne sais pas" (I don't know), they smiled and went back to work. I'm sure you can guess what they sang next.

 "Californieeee, Californieeeeeeee, here we COOOOOOOOME!"