February 20, 2011

Inspiration Station: Poetry & Song

We see our futures
Wrapped in happiness
Painted with perfection
Wanting nothing,
Our flawless arrival where?

So we keep running
We keep pressing forward
Searching desperately
Knowing that somewhere
Our futures can be realized.

We know and hold onto
These dreams we cherish
We have seen few become actual
But our minds keep them
Breathing hope into our hearts.

I throw my soul
Into the hope of the dream
My heart and mind follow
Through the joy of the journey
I will get there.

The horizon holds my dream
Captive, yet captivating
And I run, I chase
It swirls around my senses
Melt me into the magic.

I crossed the ramp to Europe! Thanks, Harvard Sailing Team.

(Okay, I really did write the poem. It was resonating in my mind the few months before actually leaving for Europe. And yes, I really did laugh at the song.
Let us all keep chasing our dreams and enjoying the irony of the world we live in.)