January 24, 2011

Meet Me in the Gym...

I am the new American setter for the Volley Club Oxyjeunes Farciennes. We practice on Wednesday and Friday nights only. Thursdays are just for fun with two young men's teams. We play matches on Saturday or Sunday each weekend.

Just a few changes...
-can't play any ball off the ceiling or wall
-can screen the server
-have 2 free timeouts, at 8 and 16 points
-can't enter court until whole timeout is over and horn is sounded
-no line judges
-can only sub in-and-out once in each position
-libero can't serve
-must approach sub line with the player's number card
-have to check our jerseys in with the official

My team's ages range from 18 to 35, and about half of them can handle some English. But they are all very kind and are serious about their volleyball. So are the fans - every gym I've been to so far, including a men's match, has some kid hitting a huge drum to lead cheers. Definitely have entered a new world of volleyball!