March 27, 2024

My 4 Efficient Travel Must-Haves

Even though my speed and rate of travel have considerably mellowed over the past few years, I still maintain my standards of travel efficiency! These items are my favorite go-to's for making sure my trip is full of light-hearted experiences and not weighed down by carrying stuff everywhere.

1. Samsonite Carry-On Roller Bag

I basically never check luggage anymore. It's expensive and all it means is I packed more than I can really carry. So I stick to carry-on roller bags like this Samsonite one I picked up after my other one broke (after it was checked!) in January this year. Easy to handle, keeps me lightweight, and has enough space for my necessities.

2. Backpack vs. Tote Bag vs. Daypack 

I could go on for DAYS about backpacks, tote bags, and daypacks. Having received numerous sports backpacks over the years, I have had lots of options to tryout and see what works the best for me. Typically, if I don't take the aforementioned roller carry-on bag, then I will take a medium-sized backpack, like this Mizuno backpack that would carry everything. 

Another option for when I plan to be away for three to four days, is my Nike tote bag. I think it was designed as like a "workout purse," but I find it's the perfect bag for an extra pair of shoes, maybe 1-2 outfits, and toiletries, with great pockets and can be fully zipped shut. I have the light blue version, but the black would probably look a bit sleeker in the airport.

Finally, I find my ACES Drawstring Bag is the best daypack option to throw into any of these larger bags for when I don't need to carry around as much. I can pack a water, snacks, notebook, book, pens, whatever, and it won't be exhausting to haul it around all day long.


All in all, deciding which bag(s) to build your journey into is the start of your adventure and will make a huge impact on how your days go. Let me know in the comments which bag(s) you prefer to bring with you!

3. Walking Shoes

I have been buying these super reliable Nike shoes for over fifteen years! Not only are they the most comfortable, light-weight and soft sneaker I have ever found, but they can also double as a chill workout, jogging, or coaching shoe. Knowing how sport tends to follow me around, it is very important that my "walking shoes" can fulfill my more intense activity expectations. My favorite thing about these shoes? They come in A LOT of colors! This one Amazon link alone has 16 options! I don't have official statistics, but I currently have three pairs of various stages of wear, and I believe I have had at least ten other pairs at some point. 

4. Pullover & Leggings

Obviously, weather plays a huge factor in what we should or shouldn't pack for our trips. However, I find that time and time again, no matter the season, I have some sort of long sleeve pullover and a pair of leggings with me. In the winter, these serve as sleepwear or loungewear options, and in the summer, they are perfect for a surprisingly cooler night. Both items can be used with other clothing I bring with me, and they are the perfect back-up travel apparel as well. I've linked another great ACES product here because it's a sweatshirt with a hood — crucial for any unexpected precipitation! 

I have always loved my Nike leggings, and highly recommend them still. They have great fit, longevity, and keep me warm and cool as needed. You can find them in several color and length options, and they also function as a casual pant to any top.

There are several other items I usually include in my packing lists, but these four (seven?) are my starter kit. This is a post with clear affiliate links to Amazon and ACES products I really have and use for my trips. I hope it helps get you thinking about your travel basics and maybe even leads you to some fun new items! 

Sound off in the comments below which items you never leave home without!

Happy travels!