August 14, 2023

Historic Deep Dive into Sagunt: Day Trip from Valencia

If you have more than two days to spend in the Valencian region, I highly recommend a day trip to Sagunt/Sagunto, Spain. It's a quick thirty-minute train ride (round trip costs less than €6 as of summer 2023) from Valencia, and it is true time travel at its finest. Bring your heavy duty walking shoes! The cobblestones and gravelly trails are brutal in anything less than sneakers.

The. Views. Will. Blow. Your. Mind.

The ancient town of Sagunt unfolds like a living history book, offering a captivating journey through centuries of remarkable heritage. Here, you wander through its historical streets and encounter remarkable landmarks that have witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations. Additionally, you can enjoy all of the following sights totally for free and at your own leisure.

1. Roman Theater of Sagunt

Step back in time as you stand before the Roman Theater of Sagunt, an awe-inspiring relic that harks back to the 1st century BC. With its commanding presence and stunning hillside location, this amphitheater once hosted grand spectacles and performances, leaving a glimpse of the past etched into its worn stone seats. It is also one of the few ancient Roman theaters that has been updated and is able to be used in the present day. You are able to explore the entire stage, seating, and behind-the-scenes tunnels.

2. Sagunto Castle

Perched majestically atop the city's hill, Sagunto Castle guards the town like a sentinel of history. This ancient fortress, which dates back to the Iberian era, boasts panoramic views that stretch from the coastline to the surrounding landscapes. It is clear why this location was fought over between so many different civilizations because of the 360 degree lookout that could prepare defences well in advance of an attack. Its imposing walls, towers, and remnants of a Roman temple make it a must-visit site for history enthusiasts. You can easily spend two to three hours here exploring and enjoying the views.

3. Jewish Quarter and Santa María Square

Stroll through the charming cobblestone streets of the Jewish Quarter, where the echoes of Sagunt's multicultural past still resonate. Wander into Santa María Square, where the Santa María Church stands as a testament to the town's spiritual heritage. The blend of architectural styles and the tranquil ambiance make this area a serene escape into history. Be sure to check out any of Sagunt's darling traditional Spanish restaurants that dot along the streets!

4. Archaeological Museum

For a deeper understanding of Sagunt's past, the Archaeological Museum awaits with a curated collection of artefacts that chronicle the town's evolution. From Roman ceramics to Iberian sculptures, each exhibit offers a glimpse into the daily lives of those who once called Sagunt home.

5. Ermita de la Sang

Tucked away amidst the historical maze of Sagunt is the Ermita de la Sang, a hidden gem that holds a special place in the town's religious history. This charming chapel, also known as the "Hermitage of the Blood," features a serene courtyard and exquisite interior adorned with intricate artwork and religious artifacts. It has stood for centuries as a place of devotion, offering visitors a peaceful retreat to reflect on Sagunt's spiritual heritage.

Sagunt's historical tapestry continues to captivate visitors, offering a realistic glimpse into the colorful past that enriches the present. Take your time in the streets and wander down the alleyways. Everything is open to your fancy and imagination! As you explore its ancient sites, and indulge in local delicacies, you'll find yourself transported to an era where the stories of time and civilizations intertwine in this charming Spanish town. 

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