August 1, 2020

Hamburg Architecture Dreams

Time to tumble around Hamburg with me! 

This city had so much to offer in terms of traditional, modern, creative, interesting, and avant garde architecture. If you are an architecture student or already an architect, 100% make sure you get to Hamburg someday. 

There is a style for everyone, and the aesthetically pleasing integrations of glass and brick that reflect both the elements and history of the city make for a real treat. 

The glass makes the sky and water extend beyond its already magnificent presence, and the reddish brick gives that historical context contrast that makes for the perfect balance.

My absolute favorite building in Hamburg is the Chilehaus...I could actually just stare at this boat-shaped, chocolate-colored, teal-trimmed beauty all day long!

Then the following photos are my other favorite buildings to check out while in Hamburg. Just walking around the center for hours will bring you into contact with all these amazing places!

What other buildings in Hamburg do you love?!

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