March 22, 2020

Day 9: Semi-Quarantined Against CoVid-19 CULTURE

Hey Leute!

Each day is kind of like a series of household chores, projects, and random ideas, right?

I am really enjoying Instagram these days. It's not so much the "social media" aspect that's better than normal; it's the fact that so many people are really making the effort to have a lot more fun at home. So, instead of seeing people attending events and eating out, people are making up dances, playing fun games, and cooking at home. [Read: BEING INTERESTING.]

Basically, we are all acting like it is the pre-internet era again, and simply sharing our experiences online.

This quarantine has totally levelled the playing field for entertainment. Now we all have the same amount of time and energy and a smartphone. Let the fun commence!

On another note, because we are all dealing with the same problem across the globe (for what might be the first time EVER in history), I think it is very interesting how every culture is responding to the pandemic crisis.

This video is a funny representation of some of the countries' responses...

For the Americans, I am developing some ideas about how our free market, free speech, and focus on individual rights have contributed to these kinds of extreme reactions to events.

Americans FREAK OUT.

OK, not everyone fits that bill. But, as a country, there are more Americans fighting for their individual rights to survive in grocery stores than anywhere else.

It's the same reason Americans trample each other every year on Black Friday.

We have some deeply disturbing belief in our own entitlement of what we deserve to the point that somehow another person's needs become less valid?!

We have a pharmaceutical and health care industry that fosters and depends on corporate profit margins instead of patients' needs and rights?!

We have so much free speech to the point that we have learned to slander, over-expose, and straight-up LIE as the unruly media in order to sell headlines and create click-bait traffic?!

I do not believe any particular government system is THE answer. I believe all governments, economic systems, and law systems are inherently flawed because they have been created by inherently flawed beings: humans.

Yes, we need each other to survive. But who is actually willing to sacrifice their own survival for the needs of another?

Not the majority, and that's the problem.

The "sacrifice" right now is to stay at home. If that's too much to ask of someone as a simple contribution to society's survival, then that is a sad, sad problem.

I know it's hard for a lot of people to "do the right thing," but it is an easy and necessary choice. Please encourage those around you to stay at home and be a part of the solution!

Church today was with Reality London: Take Heart.

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