December 31, 2019

Goodbye 2019, Plan for 2020

I don't usually describe my "year" via the typical 12-month calendar. It makes much more sense to me to describe a "year" from August to July, the school, or sport, calendar. In any case, I can say that the sport calendar year of 2018-2019 was a long one, culminating with a well-earned - but not necessarily wanted - volleyball championship.

The spring and summer off-season months were spent making tough decisions, investing in my coaching career, and continuing to grow my portfolio of travel and sport writings.

This fall of 2019 has been another kickstart into the next phase of my life, and I am enjoying the new rewards and challenges.

All that to say, I will be taking a break from up-to-date blogging in 2020.

This does not mean there won't be any posts; I've actually already written and scheduled at least one post per month for the entire year!

Each month there will be a different kind of "Top 10" highlight reel from my past nine years of blogging, like "Top 10 Paris Posts" and "Top 10 Spain Posts." I think digging back into the history of my time in Europe is good for me, but also good for you as the reader to remember and understand how we got to where we are.

The reason I am taking a hiatus from the blog is twofold; first, to be able to have the flexibility to invest in more volleyball time. The second reason is to use the time I would normally spend writing blog posts to instead write more content for my fiction novel. My novel probably won't be finished for several more years, but I want to spend more time with the characters and developing the plot lines. It is difficult to do that when I'm thinking about my next trips and how to best explain them every month!

Anytime I have taken a break from something in my life, it has always worked out for the best. I have returned with fresh perspective and renewed motivation, and I am certain the same cycle of rejuvenation will take place during 2020 for me. I am very much already looking forward to returning to normal blogging in 2021, which will be the tenth anniversary of when I first started this "What Up, Swags?!" journey back in January, 2011.

Thanks for reading, and may your 2020 be full of life, blessings, and adventures!!!