April 8, 2019

GIVEAWAY: Going Somewhere Soon?

I've been staying busy with my adventures, and transforming them into GPSmyCity walking tour posts! A few more have just been posted. The great news is that THIS WEEK, one of my GPSmyCity posts is totally free to download!!!

>>> Czech Out Karlovy Vary <<<

Another GPS-embedded article that just got uploaded is Do the Leipzig-Zag.

You can see all of my GPSmyCity posts here, including locations in Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom, and The Netherlands.


GPSmyCity is an app that you can subscribe to annually or just download specific articles that act as walking guides for various cities throughout the world. You can always read the articles, then upgrade the article to include GPS directions while you are in the city for a small fee. Right now, my Karlovy Vary post will be free to upgrade to the GPS this week!

GPSmyCity is not sponsoring this post, however, I will receive about half of the commission from these blog post in-app purchases. 
Thanks for reading and sharing!