May 15, 2017

Another Way To See the USA

This is the first "summer" we have not returned to California. Not only that, but we did our USA trip in the spring this year, so there won't even be a summer trip!

Our USA plans locked into revolving around Marc's little sister, Alex, getting married this year!!!

The first week of May wedding in Alabama meant two main things.

1) We could only stretch our trip to about three weeks.

2) Let's figure out what's around Alabama!

Our trip roster ended up looking like this:

One week in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to visit my uncle, aunt, and cousin.

Four days in New Orleans, Louisiana, to see a totally different city in America.

Four days in Mobile, Alabama, for the wedding and a true Deep South experience.

Four days in Destin, Florida, where Alex and her new husband live to get some sunshine and rest before heading back to Europe!

It was a bit of a crazy ride, but here are some of the highlights!

Tulsa: my cousin took me swing dancing! One of the most fun nights EVER. Made a bunch of fun new friends, ran through a thunderstorm, and enjoyed an evening of fabulous music and hilarious dance moves!

Tulsa bonus: taking a day trip to Bentonville, Arkansas, to go through the Crystal Bridges museum!

New Orleans: OMG the food!!! We loved every meal we had and will definitely be back for more someday. We also loved the area around Frenchman Street.

NOLA bonus: music and food in the park right behind our hotel!

Mobile: obviously this highlight was the wedding! Alex did an amazing job bringing everyone together and designing a very classy event! (More photos to come eventually!)

Mobile bonus: we were surprised by the similar architecture to New Orleans and the story about how Mobile is actually the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the USA - HA!

Destin: sunshine, sunshine, sunshine! We spent everyday at the pool. The only problem with being in Destin was that we didn't stay long enough!

Destin bonus: we didn't make it to Crab Island, but we will next time!

The whole trip ended up going pretty well and we are most happy that Alex and Cory enjoyed their wedding!!!

What's next? Well, Marc headed back to Vilsbiburg to work, and I may have ditched my flight to Munich on our Paris layover...