October 4, 2016

#ScooterSquatter At Large

This whole thing started by accident walking down a back alley in Rome's Trastevere neighborhood.

There was a Vespa, a colorful wall, and plants. I was on the scooter for all of three seconds because we were all terrified someone would pop out of nowhere and be angry.

When the photo turned out so cool (according to Facebook feedback, I swear!), I thought it would be something I might do every time I went to Italy. A few months later, I found myself back in Rome and borrowing another Vespa.

Not all the photos always turn out great, but here are some of my favorites. Most of them - even the not so great ones - can be found on the #ScooterSquatter Instagram hashtag.

Now that most of these photos are in one place, I'm realizing I definitely have a certain facial expression more often than not. Like, "Don't catch me, I'm just Instagramming!"

#ScooterSquatter has already involved a few more people than just me - we'd love to see you join, too!