October 17, 2016

Night Out at the Munich Ballet

It only took us an entire year of living in Bavaria to finally go out for a night in Munich. Despite only living a little over an hour from Munich's center, it's either a long drive or a longer time on infrequent trains, and we have merely found other things to do.

But I had a weekend off from volleyball games, and Marc was coaching in a suburb of Munich on Sunday afternoon. Of course, we wanted to see what was going on at the theater in Munich!

We've only been to the ballet in Paris, so we didn't really know what to expect in Munich. The theater itself was actually very beautiful, and it looked newer - or, at least, more remodeled - than the Opera Garnier in Paris.

Marc found us reasonably priced seats and we were thrilled with our view. It's not allowed to take video or photos during the performances, but we did have some fun snapping photos before and after.

We saw the ballet La Bayadère, which translates to The Temple Dancer. Those more cultured than Marc and me will know how famous, beautiful, and classic it is to the world of dance. Those like Marc and me will sit in the rafters and love the pretty colors and try to figure out the story as it goes. Is it bad that we felt like all the girls looked the same? Maybe it was because we were sitting so high above.

We understand it a lot better now that we've hit up the Wikipedia page. Also of note, the audience was not shy about expressing their excitement during and after particularly impressive dance sequences, and that was a ton of fun to yell and cheer instead of just politely clapping all the time.

If you live within the Munich public transportation area, going to the theater is easy because the trains run well after the 10:30pm finish time. For us country-dwelling folk, it is more practical to drive and pay for a quarter tank of gas and the ten euros to park underneath the theater than it is to pay twenty-eight euros and rushing around in high heels (me, not Marc) to catch once-an-hour trains.

We have been re-prioritizing over the summer, and have decided that instead of racing off every free weekend we get, we will save some of the money we would spend on trips and spend more time locally getting to know where we live. Even just driving in and out of Munich we spotted several new-to-us places we would like to check out. We don't have a lot of free time now until Christmas (in Spain: that trip is NOT getting canceled!), but we will keep exploring our corner of Bavaria, anyway!

Have you been out on the town in Munich? 
How did it compare with other nights out you've experienced in Europe?

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