October 13, 2015

Scenes of Salzburg

Welcome back to Salzburg!

It is such a better experience to have both Munich and Salzburg as day trip options now. I can get one of those special regional train passes and take the better part of the day wandering around at my leisure instead of rushing through an expensive weekend with too much time spent on the journey.

As October is my favorite month of the year, it seemed only fitting that I return to Salzburg to see it in a different way than I did back in March of 2011.

My favorite Mirabell Gardens.

Why? Because of the Do-Re-Mi steps and unicorns, of course!

Salzburg is full of gorgeous squares, fountains, and steeples.

I sat here for a long time and listened to tourists singing songs from The Sound of Music.

This café reminded me so much of something you'd find in Paris.

Mozartplatz (find the gold ball and white tents) was filled with an organic food festival where I enjoyed delicious pumpkin soup and apple juice while listening to jazz music.

I can never get enough of Mirabell and these castle views!

There were so many beautiful doors. This one was my favorite.

Thank you, Salzburg, for being exceptionally photogenic and picturesque. I'll see you again during the Christmas markets.