August 18, 2015

Walking Glasgow

I was able to tack three extra days onto Scotland before I had to arrive in the Netherlands for volleyball camp.

Glasgow was the most affordable and endearing option.

Marc caught a plane to start his job in Germany, and I caught a bus to take me across Scotland!

I occupied myself with walking all over the center to the Clyde River, the cathedral district, and the Kelvingrove Museum in the West End.

Glasgow is entirely walkable, with broad sidewalks and an easy-to-understand grid of streets.

Just be sure to bring along an umbrella and a good jacket, as the weather patterns change rapidly and without notice!

Glasgow was having a piping festival, and I heard bagpipes everywhere. As soon as the sound of one group began to fade away, another group in the distance began to fill the air. I decided bagpipes sound great outside and in Scotland.

Glasgow was the perfect way to spend some extra time before heading to Germany for another year of living in Europe.

I'm also very happy to have experienced Scotland in August because I'm sure it's even colder during the rest of the year!

The sunset on the Clyde was, by far, my favorite moment. A pink sky, reflections on the water, and too many bridges to count.

I don't know if I'll return to Scotland, but if I do, Glasgow will gladly be my home base.