November 28, 2014

Follow the Yellow Leaf Road

The curious history of La Fère is sometimes just a step or two away from the street.

Today I took those steps.

Welcome to the remaining ramparts of the city walls.

The "tourist information" plaque was on the corner next to what maybe used to be a moat of some kind. It was so tucked away, I don't think anyone knows it is there.

The plaque simply said that these were the ancient protective walls of the city, and they had been torn down and reconstructed several times throughout history. Now they rest quietly in the background of the village.

It was a little bit muddy, and somewhat wild and broken, but clearly someone cares enough to keep the grass under control and the walls accessible.

More pathways beckoned me onward between these scarred bricks and the slow Oise River.

Take the extra 10 minutes and find a colorful path to follow today.

You may not find a wizard, but there is sure to be magic of some kind.


The last month of 2014 is upon us.

How do you want to remember it?