October 28, 2014

Act 1: Paris Sets the Stage

When I left La Fère at 5:15AM on Friday, October 17, I thought I'd be back on Monday. I ended up staying in Paris until Thursday.

So, to the long weekend that became a real week, thank you for surprising my October with perfect weather!

Everyone loves Paris in the fall.
I won't bore you with the tales of tutoring English on all of the weekdays, but know that I did have 9 French college juniors singing "I'm a Little Teapot," choreography and all. Not exactly part of the lesson plan, but they usually welcome the Swag curriculum supplements (Telephone Pictionary, 2 Up-2 Down, Johnny-Johnny-Whoop, Click-Click-Bang-Bang, and every other riddle from my NBC Camps days).

The best place for macarons in Le Marais is at "Boulangerie"
at the back of this square across Rue de Rivoli from the Hôtel de Ville.
On Friday, I had the cool opportunity to meet up with two other expats in Le Marais. I had hosted the Girl Gone International Instagram account for a week, and one of the subscribers (Lindsay, www.thirdcultureteacher.com) contacted me to meet up in Paris! We had a lot of fun exchanging stories, laughs, and advice over a great dinner. We parted ways around 9:30PM - plenty of time to meander the rues and avenues on my own.

My heart is happy when people enjoy Paris.
The air was cool, but comfortable, and tourists melded seamlessly with Parisians against the soft lights. Both are necessary to each other; they complete the canvas that is Paris.

I crossed bridges back and forth across Île de la Cité, nodding at Notre Dame and smiling at the coloring leaves. A couple asked me to take their picture. Young adults partied on the cobblestone banks of the Seine. Photographers, professional and amateur alike, were around every bend, capturing their favorite moments of the twilight.

Thankful for the sense of sight.
With free time, a quick step, and good weather, one can enjoy the company that is walking with Paris.

The Left Bank.
We would spend many hours walking this weekend.

The next day, Marc, Mike, and Daphne would all arrive to join me in the City of Lights...for Act 2: Symphony and Sport, and eventually, Act 3: The Palais Finale.