July 7, 2014

Why God Made Me Teach P.E.

They say that if you can make a difference in just one student's life, then your time as a teacher was worth it.

My one year teaching experience was hell. Only three good things came out of that year: my gmail account, my Christian teacher buddy, Heather, and a P.E. student, Lauren Godinet.

The paths that God takes us on to get us to where we are meant to be are incredible enough. But to see so soon how He used my path to Europe (The Master's College > moving to San Diego > PE teaching > NBC Camps > Simpson volleyball coaching) to step in time with a high school volleyball player from Oceanside...

...who is now a college graduate, enrolled in her master's program, and following Christ in every day...

It's an overwhelming honor.

Thank you, Lauren, for making our time in San Diego and Redding worthwhile. 

It was a beautiful moment for you and your family today. Thank you for letting us be a part of it! You have become your own success story, and we are all wildly proud of you!!!