April 8, 2014

IBIN2014: The Quest Begins

This year has been full of ups and downs. But when it all comes together in the end, I can honestly say there were more ups, and they just keep coming.


I had to put off Iberian Insanity this year. In its purest form, it will probably never totally exist how I originally envisioned it. Again, this is okay. I have had to accept many things this year, and accepting the fact that now I will "have to go" to Spain and Portugal more than once is just fine by me.

My witty hashtag of #ibin2014 is probably going to end up looking more like #ibin2014-2016, which I don't even think will work with the hyphen jammed in there. I'll just keep it as #ibin2014 and deal with the political incorrectness of it on my own.


I have this odd blend of efficiency and creativity battling and dreaming inside my mind all the time. This round it came out in finding the least expensive multi-destination flights possible for my summer in America.

So while yes, I'm returning to Paris, and, yes, my American airport is still very much LAX, my flights now look like this...

June: Barcelona to Sacramento.

August: Los Angeles to Philadelphia to Amsterdam.

Volleyball camps still rule my world.

It was the best way to eliminate unnecessary travel expenses to Northern California and the Netherlands for the two main camps I will be working this summer.

It was also the best way to include the beginning of what will end up being an extremely long and spread out version of Iberian Insanity.


It all happened so fast, but it was wonderful and fantastic and magical at how it all fell into place in a matter of moments. The flights: you mean I can spend an entire day in Philly on a layover?! The train: leaves from our favorite Gare de Lyon. The accommodation: easy to find on AirBnB. The plan: has been ready for two years already!

We do have one minor glitch.

Who goes to Barcelona without a camera?

Again: it's okay.

I will be locked into describing a city that bursts with colors and sights with only my words. This is not a scary thing for someone who loves writing as much as I do. It's a beautiful challenge.

And if words aren't enough, maybe I can make some friends who will tag me on Instagram.

My favorite part of planning a new trip? I get to PACK A BAG!!!

The world - as with most things in this life - is only as big or as small as we make it.