December 7, 2013

On Cats and Volleyball, Congrats

Three weeks ago I went to Paris' first cat café. Le Café des Chats had better food than I expected, but I wished the cats had been, well, sleepier. I made it out of there alive, despite two scratch and two bite attempts. The coolest part of the restaurant is the building itself, especially the medieval basement, complete with arched coves and chandeliers. I was slightly relieved I wasn't enamored of it; I am officially not in line to become the next crazy cat lady in the family.

My previous blog posting couldn't have had better timing. I'm thankful I was able to put my "bottom of the barrel" thoughts into cyberspace (and if that's my bottom of the barrel, I realize it's not that bad). We cleaned up the team in Illacaise in three sets straight, and winning felt nice! We struggled against Rennes the next week, winning the first two sets, then losing the next three. But after winning one match in 3 sets (equals 3 points on the board), and losing a match in 5 sets (equals 1 point on the board), we are at least getting points now, and digging out of the hole! We still have one more match to work on before the Christmas break, and then we will set our sights on the spring half of the season.

To the Redding Christian High School Girls' Volleyball Team for making it all the way to the section title championship match! I'm so proud of all of you, and very happy for Coach Tammie. I can't wait to work you at camp again next summer!

To The Master's College Women's Volleyball Team for getting all the way to the NAIA National Tournament Quarterfinals! Top 8 in the nation, YES! Congrats to Coach Bobby, and his great group of girls! I'm a proud alumna right now; thank you for working so hard, everyday, all season long!

We are still riding out the great weather; only in the 40s Fahrenheit, and it's December! Loving the clear blue winter skies!