September 8, 2013

Last Night The Keepsake

Last night we took a bike ride.
We wove through new streets and sights.
We looked up to the rainbow of promise painted above us.

Last night we sat on the riverbanks of the Marne.
We shared a meal with new friends.
We listened to the joy of togetherness.

Last night we raised our eyes to a fire-filled sky.
We felt close enough to touch the bursting colors.
We let the lights dance across our faces.

Last night I understood why fireworks scream freedom.
They explode with the thunderous pride of a storm.
They shower brightness on everyone without fear.

Last night the rain fell softly.
We pedaled fast and laughed freely.
We traced the river's edge all the way home.

Last night was why France has stolen our hearts.
We say, "Yes," to new experiences.
We hold every day as a keepsake.